The Animation Process – Pre Production

The Animation Process – Pre Production
Now we’re going to define and break down the workflow of 2d animation. However, it’s worth stating that every animated movie has been made differently, with various techniques and devices. There is no “correct” or “unique” way to animate and the steps explained below aren’t always followed in the same order. What we’re talking about here is just the 2d animation production process that is largely practiced in big animation studios (Ghibli, Disney, Dreamworks, etc.)

For you to digest the content more easily, we try to be as specific as we can. we have broken down the production process of 2d animation into 3 parts:
Each of these stages consists of different mini-stages that are the building blocks of a complete animated work.

What is pre-production in the 2d animation video process?
1. Finding inspiration
To make an animated movie (or any movie in general) you need to consider a story first. However, trying to come up with a good story can be challenging sometimes. The story is the most important part of any animated movie. If the animation isn’t the best but the story is great, you have a good movie; but when it’s the other way around, then the movie is worthless.

To come up with a good story you need to find inspiration. How can you do that? You just have to examine what is around you. Inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere.

2. Developing an idea
It’s now time the director and producer(s) get together and think of the changes we want to add to the story we have chosen to animate. We propose various ways to add depth to it, the message we want to transmit, the main plot, etc. We try to make them more intricate and interesting to the modern audience.

3. Finalizing the script
In this stage, all the dialogues of the animation are written. When writing, it is important to take into account the audience of the animation is going to be addressed. It’s worth mentioning The script evolves a lot during the creation of the movie, it changes many times until we get the final one.

4. Scheduling the production
Although it can sound very boring, it is imperative to organize the project and prepare everything before starting to animate. Some of the things that are worth planning are:
Delivery date
Preliminary data
Crew plan