We are
Creative Overdose Studios

2D Animation

The art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space.

Explainer Videos

Complex ideas animated in simple meaningful ways.

Motion Design

Creating movement with static graphics to tell a story.

What we do

Bringing stories to life one frame at a time.

Creative Overdose Studios is an animation and design studio in Atlanta. It was started by a few college friends. They each had goals that fused into one awesome master plan–to be a one-stop shop for all things creative. In 2014 Creative Overdose Studios became official. The team had the perfect mixture of skill, personality, and knowledge from various experiences.

Motion Graphics, Animation, and Interactive Design are only a short list of what they bring to the table. Since then, Creative Overdose has forged amazing relationships with small businesses around Atlanta and the southeast. They have helped bring stories to life for writers, agencies and local production houses. The master plan has only become more focused and attainable. They plan to get everyone hooked on the awesomeness that they have to offer!


Our creative crew

Lakeeta Wilson - CEO

Lakeeta Wilson

Tyree Morrow - CCO

Tyree Morrow

Travon Serrano - Background Artist

Travon Serrano

Background Genius
Stephanie Lopez - COO

Stephanie Lopez

COO & Editing Guru
Elise Strong - Animator

Elise Strong

Animation Maven
Alana Clarke - PMO

Alana Clarke

PMO & Writing Master
Jason Lopez - CNO

Jason Lopez

CNO & Storyboard Wizard
Michael Lavelle - Illustrator

Michael Lavelle

Illustration Whiz