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Craving animation that transcends the ordinary?

Welcome to Creative Overdose Studios, your haven for handcrafted animation experiences. We’re a boutique animation studio fueled by a collective of passionate storytellers, where imagination gets a healthy dose of creative freedom.

We don’t churn out cookie-cutter videos – Here, collaboration reigns supreme – we partner with you, the visionary director, to meticulously translate your vision into a stunning 2D masterpiece, frame by frame.  So, whether you’re dreaming of a captivating short film, a showstopping title sequence, or a fully customized animation that pushes the boundaries, prepare to embark on a journey where imagination takes flight.

Why Choose Us

Artisans of


We are a passionate collective of artists dedicated to pushing creative boundaries. We combine our individual talents to craft captivating animation that injects a “Creative Overdose” into every project.

Your Vision,

brought to life

We empower businesses of all sizes, from independent startups to established entertainment giants, to tell their stories in a way that cuts through the noise and truly resonates with their audience.



Through continuous learning and a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations, we strive to be more than just an animation studio. We are your partners in creativity, turning bland ideas into captivating realities.