2D Animated Shorts

The perfect animation for your next crowdfunding project or video game.

Creative Overdose Studios will bring your story to life.

Why do you need 2D animation?
It's easily complements your Kickstarter campaign, Indiegogo campaign, and you can use it to pitch to networks (Hulu, Netflix, Prime, HBO, Peacock, etc)
2D animation is also perfect for Video Game Intros and Cut-Scenes.
What is the average project turnaround? 4 Months

How much does an animated short package cost?
Starting at $25,000 (estimate, rates vary based on the project)

The Goods Included in the Series Trailer Package

Character Design

Up to 5 character sheets with turnarounds and facial expressions.

Sound Design

Music and sound effects that will make your content memorable.

Background Design

Up to 3 full color production quality backgrounds.


Professional voice actors handpicked to bring life to your characters.


Up to 30 pages of storyboards to visually map out your story.

3 Minute Short Film

4K video ready for your crowdfunding campaign or video game project.
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