Animated Series Trailer

The perfect trailer for your next animated project.

Creative Overdose Studios will bring your story to life.

Why do you need a Series Trailer?
Kickstarter campaign
Indiegogo campaign
Pitch to networks (Hulu, Netflix, Prime, HBO, Peacock, etc)
What is the average project turnaround? 4 Months

How much does an animated series trailer package cost? $25,000
(estimate, rates vary based on the project)

The Goods Included in the Series Trailer Package

Character Design

Up to 5 character sheets with turnarounds and facial expressions.

Sound Design

Music and sound effects that will make your trailer memorable.

Background Design

Up to 3 full color production quality backgrounds.


Professional voice actors handpicked to bring life to your characters.


Up to 30 pages of storyboards to visually map out your story.

3 Minute 4k Trailer

4K video ready for your crowdfunding campaign or network series pitch.
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