Animated Series Pitch

Do you have an awesome idea for an animated series? Do you have everything you need in your pitch bible and all you are missing is the animated trailer? We can fill in that last blank with a fully animated teaser or trailer that you can use to pitch your series idea to potential broadcast or streaming networks!

We love working with storytellers and creating the final puzzle piece for a new animated series. It’s also pretty awesome that we get to work with you to bring your idea to life so that you can move forward with a project goal you have been enthusiastic about!


Super Shawty Bang Bang – Series Pitch Animation from Creative Overdose Studios on Vimeo.



Series Pitch Package

Everything you need to pitch your 2D animated series to networks and streaming platforms.
This is a signature package that has all of the assets you need in order to complete a compelling pitch and takes your idea to the next level.
INVESTMENT: 5 payments of $7660*
$1000 Project Security Deposit Not Included




*There is a $1000 deposit in order to secure your spot before your project begins. The 5 payments of $7660 are made at 30-day intervals after your start date and will be outlined in your project packet.