What is Motion Design

Motion design or motion graphics are simple yet beautiful animations used with graphics and text. The difference between motion graphics and traditional animation is that motion graphics focus on color, simple shapes and words. They can be 2D, 3D or a mixture of both. This is typically used for commercials advertising, lyric music videos, movie titles, and credits. Motion design takes graphics or text and gives life to them, making them more appealing and powerful than flat images can be on their own.

2D Motion Graphics

This is the classic motion design style. We create or use existing images and animate them. This style works well for app demos, startup videos, blockchain explainers, tech animation, software animation, and more.

Motion Design using characters is one of the most popular choices we offer for animated explainer videos. We use this style particularly when we want to showcase a consumer’s implied experience with any scene where a person would be involved. This style is excellent for all varieties of projects — finance, medical, start-up, presentation videos, sales videos, and expo videos.


Entermixx App Promo Animation (Men Version) from Creative Overdose Studios on Vimeo.

Animated Explainer Videos

How would you describe your company and what sets it apart from your competitors? How would you explain a new, complex idea to a group of students or your staff? Why should others invest in your start-up app? These are some of the questions that animated explainer videos help with answering. Most people today don’t read that much. We have learned that the attention span of the average Joe is less than that of a goldfish! An animated explainer video translates your words into moving pictures that help tell a story or an idea in a more engaging and exciting way.

Animated Idents

Animated identifiers can provide a perfect introduction to what you are about to unveil. Idents can be thought of as video logos. Traditionally, networks and channels have tended to create hand-drawn simplistic idents that look like they couldn’t wish harder to get over with as soon as possible.

Animated Bumpers and Stings

Bumpers and sting are similar to idents – the only difference lies in the fact that idents are channel or business-specific, while bumpers and stings are show or program specific.


the-COS-logo-sting from Creative Overdose Studios on Vimeo.