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Creative Overdose Studios

2D Animation Studio based in Atlanta, Georgia

We are a full service 2D animation and interactive design studio. We will work with you from start to finish creating storyboards, character designs,  backgrounds, sound design, and the animation. Our specialty is Animated Series Pitch trailers for production houses and writers that need to complete their pitch bible with a video to present to TV and Streaming networks. With more than 15 years of knowledge  and experience we have refined our expertise to short 2d animated videos, motion graphics, interactive animations for mobile games & apps, web animation, explainer videos and music visualization videos.

Animation Services We Offer

Animation in Atlanta

We love working with storytellers and creating the final puzzle piece for a new animated series. Our animation services include: Animated Commercials, Explainer Videos and Series Pitch Animation.

Motion Graphics Design in Atlanta

Motion graphics are simple yet beautiful animations used with graphics and text. The motion graphics services that we can provide are Music Visualizer Videos, Animated Banner Ads and Spotify Canvas Videos.

Pre Production Art

Pre-production art encompasses the pieces that are needed before the animation production takes place. Here are some of the pre-production art services we offer: Storyboard Art, Character Design and Background Art Design.

Animated Series

Series Pitch Package

Everything you need to pitch your animated series to networks and streaming platforms.


Up to 5 backgrounds for scenes in the trailer.

Character Turnarounds

3 Characters from your script designed and optimized for 2d animation.


Up to 30 storyboards  (For a 3-minute video plan for at least 30 shots) of your trailer script to visualize the story beats.

Post Production

Editing all elements together for the perfect pitch video.

Voiceovers & Sound Design

Professional voice actors and industry-standard sounds.

Animated Trailer

3 minute animated trailer for your pitch bible.

Our Process

We work closely with you during the entire process to ensure a successful project!

What We Do


What Clients Say

“Everyone at Creative Overdose are awesome!!! They are so much fun to work with. Also Very professional, creative, highly attentive to your needs and wants. They are there to make you happy and the end product shows their many talents. Thank you for all your hard work and my fabulous white board animation video. I couldn’t be happier.”

Tricia Haberman

SweeTricia's Granola - Owner & CEO

“I love this studio and the people who make it up. Their talent, passion and expertise see a project from concept to fruition! Not to mention the competitive rates and the variety of services they provide, it definitely makes them a one stop shop for all sorts of media ideas!”

Stephanie G.

“They are great at making infomercials. They listen to your ideas and work with you to until is right. Very professional and affordable. I definitely recommend them.”

Elsy Rodman

from Google